Questions and Answers About Granite Countertops
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Kitchens By Premier Answers the Most Asked Questions About Granite Countertops

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Homeowners considering a granite countertop installation in Rochester can learn more about this natural stone and decide whether this material is a viable option for their renovations. Kitchens By Premier owner Dean Pelletier has provided answers to frequent questions about granite countertops. 

Can You Cut Food on Granite? 

After a granite countertop installation in Rochester, NY, homeowners often want to know if they can use their granite countertops as a cutting surface. Granite is highly scratch-resistant and naturally antibacterial, which means the minerals in granite are toxic to microbes. It's unlikely to damage the granite countertop and leave visible marks if you use it as a cutting surface just once or twice. 

However, Kitchens By Premier doesn't recommend cutting food on granite countertops during everyday meal preparation. While granite is highly durable, minor scratches and cut marks will eventually become visible. Property owners who don't use cutting boards might require premature granite countertop replacement services in Rochester, NY. 

Granite has low permeability and porosity, especially compared to marble and limestone, but the stone's pore volume makes it susceptible to liquid absorption. Handling and cutting poultry, red meat, or fish releases myoglobin-rich moisture. When this moisture flows into the granite pores, it becomes a growth medium for bacteria, which can be challenging to remove. 

Another reason not to cut directly on granite is to prevent knives from losing their sharpness. Granite can cause extensive damage to a utensil's cutting edge. 


Can You Put a Hot Pan on a Granite Countertop? 

Property owners often make the mistake of placing hot pans and pots on their granite countertops without using trivets. Their reasoning is that granite is a natural stone, and unlike laminate countertops, granite doesn't contain melamine resin that can melt. 

However, the heat from a recently heated pan can cause extensive damage to a granite countertop. The heat affects the molecular structure of the granite, which causes discoloration in the shape of the ground base of the pan or pot. 

The heat from a pan also deteriorates the seal that manufacturers apply during the countertop production process. As a result, the granite countertop surface becomes susceptible to liquid absorption, scratches, and staining. 

How Do You Remove Stains from Granite? 

The sealant covering on a granite surface protects it from stains from water, coffee, wine, or other liquid for everyday use in a household. 

However, a stain might form when a liquid is in contact with a granite surface for a day or two. Staining on a granite countertop is usually the result of the material's porosity. Granite absorbs liquid through these pores, and the fluid's pigments cause local discoloration. 

The stain removal technique depends on the type of substance that caused the discoloration. Applying a 12% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia mixture is an effective method for removing organic stains, for example, due to coffee or tea spills. An acetone or ammonia application can remove an oil-based stain, such as grease. 

Permanent marker ink or paint that got on a granite countertop can be removed with this hydrogen peroxide mixture or lacquer thinner. 

Can I Choose Granite Countertops for My Bathroom? 

Why should homeowners consider a bathroom granite countertop installation in Rochester, NY? Granite is among the most durable countertop materials available. This natural stone offers unparalleled structural integrity with relatively low maintenance requirements which is why it is the perfect countertop material for a bathroom. Granite also has a natural appearance that contributes to the visual appeal of any interior style, from traditional farmhouse kitchens to contemporary bathroom designs. 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite Countertops? 

The benefits of a granite countertop installation in Rochester, NY, include the following: 

  • Unique aesthetic appeal
  • Various colors and textures
  • Exceptional durability
  • Optimal structural integrity
  • Design versatility and compatibility with various interior styles
  • Cost-effective countertop material over the long run 

Granite countertops also have some notable drawbacks, with porosity and permeability being the most significant. A granite countertop's pore size and volume increase its susceptibility to bacterial growth and staining. The prominent marble patterns of granite might also be visually overwhelming, especially in a small kitchen or bathroom.   

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