Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas: A Cheat Sheet for Rochester Homeowners
Wednesday, November 30th 2022, 4:34 AM

Kitchen's By Premier Team Discusses Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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Dean Pelletier, owner of Kitchens By Premier, discusses kitchen cabinet design ideas in Rochester. His company helps each homeowner’s vision come to life with outstanding customer service.  

What Is the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Style in Rochester? 

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles in Rochester include: 

  • Wood grain cabinets
  • Two-tone contemporary 
  • Dark gray and black 
  • Custom cabinet storage  

Wood grain cabinets create earthy atmospheres. Homeowners can extend the lifespan of these installations by substituting natural wood products with durable laminate materials. 

Two-tone cabinet designs promote symmetry. These solutions may include cabinets that are darker on the bottom and lighter on the top. Conversely, customers can invest in completely black or gray cabinets for a uniform look. 

Custom cabinets allow homeowners to personalize their kitchens with functional and stylish designs. Custom solutions create a welcoming environment for guests. Kitchen By Premier’s design team optimizes these features according to each room’s size and layout.  


What Type of Kitchen Cabinets Never Go Out of Style? 

Tom Morgillo is the project manager for Kitchens By Premier. He has been active in the industry since 1978 and knows which cabinets never go out of style. According to Morgillo, most homeowners prefer practical, cost-efficient installations.  

Glass-front cabinets continue to be popular for both rustic and modern-style homes. These transparent designs encourage homeowners to keep their storage spaces clean and organized. 

White and beige cabinets create a seamless look across any kitchen. This style has been popular in the United States for decades. According to Kitchens By Premier, these aren’t going out of style anytime soon.  

Homeowners wanting subtle elegance should invest in accent hardware designs. Silver and gold handle never go out of style. 

Customers can discuss more of these kitchen cabinet design ideas in Rochester when partnering with Tom Morgillo at Kitchens By Premier. 

What Is the Most Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Color? 

Every customer’s color preference is different. Some prefer simple, light brown cabinetry, while others enjoy striking blue or black options. Still, Kitchens By Premier designers state that a room’s size and natural lighting are crucial factors to consider when selecting colors. 

Smaller rooms usually look better with lighter colors like white or tan. These designs create the appearance of a brighter space for kitchens without many windows. Black and gray cabinets look stately in kitchens with overhead or accent lighting.  

The Kitchens By Premier team can make recommendations to customers who aren’t sure. They have years of experience working with dozens of color combinations. 


Are Wood Cabinets Coming Back in 2023? 

Some kitchen cabinet design ideas in Rochester are making a comeback. Wood cabinets are becoming popular again with homeowners across the country. 

These modest materials make a lovely addition to homes with hardwood flooring or ornamental house plants. However, wood cabinets come with some disadvantages. Kitchens By Premier reminds customers that these installations can deteriorate quickly. 

Water damage, chipping, and mold are common problems that reduce the lifespan of these cabinets. Without the proper upkeep, homeowners may need to replace their cabinets within a few years.  

Pelletier eases these concerns for skeptical shoppers. He believes that giving his customers the pros and cons of each cabinet installation helps them feel confident about their decisions. 

How Do I Choose the Best Cabinet Style for My Kitchen? 

Choosing the right cabinet requires help from the experts. Kitchens By Premier offers customers in-depth consultations to discuss their visions. They help customers consider factors like: 

  • Storage space and organization needs
  • Traditional versus modern design options
  • Enhancing the cabinetry with optimal kitchen lighting
  • Childproof features
  • And more 

Kitchens By Premier also takes into account existing features such as islands and countertops. Some homeowners may need help upgrading these elements before installing new cabinets. In this case, the company offers many solutions. 

For example, they source some of the most luxurious granite kitchen countertops in Rochester. No matter the request, their designers have the materials and wisdom to complete the job. 

For More Information 

Kitchens By Premier provides design and remodeling services for kitchen cabinets, countertops, and islands. For more information about kitchen cabinet design ideas in Rochester, NY, call 585-421-7346. 

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