What To Expect During a Kitchen Cabinet Installation
Wednesday, December 21st 2022, 4:41 AM

Kitchens By Premier Discusses What Rochester Homeowners Can Expect During a Kitchen Cabinet Installation

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Kitchens By Premier helps residents understand what to expect during their kitchen cabinet installation. The business, owned by Dean Pelletier, partners with homeowners to develop and execute stunning designs for each property. This kitchen cabinet installation company in Rochester is currently accepting new customers. 

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets? 

Homeowners should consider several factors before they commit to a kitchen cabinet replacement. Most cabinets last 15 to 20 years with proper upkeep. Damage and humidity could significantly reduce the lifespan of these installations. 

In Pelletier’s experience, homeowners should replace their cabinets once every ten years to avoid deterioration. Wood tends to break down faster than laminate and other materials. Those who have owned these products for several years may begin to notice the following: 

  • Discoloration in the material 
  • Peeling or chipping paint 
  • Splinters separating from the frame or door 
  • Denting 
  • Soft spots on the wood 

Additionally, Pelletier strongly urges homeowners to replace their cabinets if they notice signs of mold. Spores and bacteria can contaminate food and dishes, compromising the health of the occupants.

How Long Does Kitchen Cabinet Installation Take? 

Most homeowners who attempt DIY cabinet replacements need several weeks to complete the project. Kitchens By Premier provides some of Rochester’s fastest kitchen cabinet installation services. These designers can complete installations within three to five days for most properties. 

Project Design Manager Tom Morgillo has decades of experience planning and constructing kitchen cabinets for homes of all styles. Morgillo streamlines the installation process for customers by discussing their expectations and recommending products that suit their visions.  

His team of designers provides superior materials to ensure customers get the longest life out of their new cabinets. They take the time to measure components correctly and avoid collateral damage in the home during installation. Past customer Heather Smith had this to say about Kitchens By Premier: 

“I recently purchased kitchen cabinets and countertops with Kris as my designer. He was fantastic to work with! He was always readily available to talk to me if I had any questions or concerns. He came up with ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. The cabinets came in right on schedule, which everyone knows in this day and age isn’t always easy to accomplish. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my new kitchen from Kitchens by Premier!” 

Can You Replace Kitchen Cabinets Without Removing the Countertop? 

Pelletier explains that even though it is possible to replace cabinets without removing the countertop, it is not something they recommend. This is a risky process that involves way more than just removing the base cabinet frames and reinforcing the countertop with supports as other companies suggest. That's why his kitchen cabinet installation company in Rochester has extensive experience in this regard and can recommend safer ways to save your current kitchen countertop if desired.

Those who attempt DIY installations often break or chip stone or hardwood counters during replacements. Pelletier’s method prevents unnecessary damage to these products. 

Pelletier states, “Making a client feel comfortable and fully informed is vital to our continued long-term success.” The design process is communicated by the team to the homeowners so that they are confident in the results. 

Kitchens By Premier recruits contractors who pay close attention to detail and prioritize safety above all else. 

Should You Put Flooring Under Kitchen Cabinets? 

Tom Morgillo has designed installations for kitchens that needed new flooring under their cabinets and kitchens that did not. Each property is different. In most cases, determining whether a new floor is necessary before an installation depends on the material. 

For example, tile can crack under the weight of these installations. Water that collects under the counter from dishwashers or spills could also damage materials like vinyl. However, hardwood is sturdy and may be a practical investment for homeowners who don’t expect to redo their floors again in the foreseeable future. 

Pelletier’s kitchen cabinet installation company in Rochester assesses each property individually. This way, homeowners get the cost-efficient solution they deserve. Customers can enjoy a thorough consultation and explore product options before the team arrives. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets with Kitchens By Premier 

Kitchens By Premier is the most trusted kitchen cabinet installation company in Rochester, NY. The team specializes in kitchen designs, countertops, remodels, and more. To connect with Pelletier or other team members, call (585) 367-4191. 

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