Kitchens By Premier Shares Tips on Choosing the Right Kitchen Island Countertop
Friday, December 23rd 2022, 10:24 AM

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Kitchen Island Countertop is Discussed by the Kitchens By Premier Team

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Kitchens By Premier designers offer a shopper’s guide to choosing the right countertop. Owner Dean Pelletier and his team provide the community with superior-grade materials and service. This kitchen island countertop installation company in Rochester is currently open for consultations. 

How Do I Upgrade My Kitchen Island? 

Cabinet replacement and refinishing are two of the best ways to upgrade a kitchen island. According to Pelletier, professional designers can complete these projects within three to five days. However, his team recommends that customers invest in complete countertop replacements to enhance their islands’ durability and function. 

Stone and hardwood countertops can chip and may require replacements within ten to twenty years. Depending on the materials customers choose, these replacements could be expensive upgrades. Still, Pelletier says the benefits of these improvements far outweigh the expense.  

New kitchen island countertops can create a beautiful and functional space for the homeowner. The island is the centerpiece of the room, where cooks can prepare meals or guests can gather. 

Kitchens By Premier offers a catalog of materials and hardware to explore. This kitchen island countertop installation company in Rochester takes time to ensure each upgrade provides value for its customers. 


Should a Kitchen Island Be Lighter or Darker Than Cabinets? 

Choosing the right color for an island depends on the size and style of the room. Pelletier notes that most homeowners prefer colors that match surrounding kitchen features, like cabinets and cupboards. 

Lighter shades tend to look better in smaller kitchens that receive less sun. However, darker colors may complement more rustic aesthetics.  

Kris Murante is a designer with Kitchens By Premier who helps customers accent their spaces with stunning kitchen islands. He expresses the importance of taking risks when choosing new colors for these installations. It may surprise customers how much a simple color change can impact the mood of the entire kitchen. 

Kris says that his customers’ total satisfaction is the most rewarding part of the installation process. 

What Is Included in an Island Countertop Installation? 

Homeowners can expect the utmost care from the Kitchens By Premier crew during service. They will inspect existing design features, including cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Then, they will safely remove old and damaged materials to make space for replacements. 

Designers carefully measure components and drill holes to fasten countertops in place. Once surfaces are secure, the team will install backsplashes and other features.  

The team at Kitchens By Premier receives dozens of five-star ratings from customers. Rochester residents trust them for their speed and cleanliness during the installation process.  

Pelletier believes customers should be able to enjoy their new kitchen islands without extra hassle. Designers will clear the kitchen area of debris and other waste products before they leave. 

What Is the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop for 2022? 

When committing to a design, customers can choose from various surface materials and hardware. Stone countertops like granite and marble are popular high-end solutions that look great in contemporary kitchens.  

Other durable solutions include laminate, steel, and wood countertops. Kitchens By Premier offers these products in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing customers to customize every detail. 

Pelletier’s team also provides the most reliable kitchen countertop installation services in Rochester. They avoid unnecessary damage when transporting and placing their products. 

Can I Replace a Kitchen Island Countertop on My Own? 

Pelletier highly discourages homeowners from attempting DIY installations. These projects can cost homeowners thousands of dollars more than partnering with professionals. Additionally, this can be dangerous without the right tools and knowledge. 

The Kitchens By Premier team eliminates the risks of DIY projects. Each member has years of design experience handling power tools and fragile materials. No matter which countertop solution the customer needs, Kitchens By Premier delivers world-class results at competitive rates and guarantees 100% satisfaction with every project. 

Connect With the Team 

Kitchens By Premier is a remodeling company that provides homeowners with outstanding customer service. Dean Pelletier and his team of designers promote honesty and professionalism during every interaction. For more information about this kitchen island countertop installation company in Rochester, NY, call (585) 367-4191. 

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