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Wednesday, January 25th 2023, 5:00 AM

Are Kitchen Centers in Home Stores the Same as Kitchen Showrooms? No, Says an Expert.

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the biggest, most complex, and most important home renovations. Before the project begins, it is important to understand where to get the best information, design guidance, and installation expertise, explains leading industry expert Kitchens By Premier

Where is the Best Place to Get Kitchen Design Inspiration?

Online is a common place to start for kitchen remodeling inspiration. However, to discover what products are currently available and expert guidance regarding what works to overcome common challenges, the best place to get remodeling inspiration is at a kitchen showroom and by talking with kitchen design experts. Local experts can provide a wide range of choices to get the desired look at the desired price point. Because they are design and installation experts, they are not limited by the corporate regulations that limit home improvement stores' employees. 

  • Experts know new products, innovations, and design trends
  • Customers discover additional options they never considered
  • Design experts have solved a wide range of kitchen remodeling challenges
  • Kitchen showrooms have much broader access to products
  • They are committed to the entire process
  • Can often save money

Are Home Centers the Same as Kitchen Showrooms? 

Where is the first place that comes to mind when thinking of kitchen remodeling? For many, the answer is a home improvement store. On the surface, it makes sense to go to a place that has much of what you need for kitchen remodeling in one place. However, most people do not understand how the store’s liability issues impact consumer choices. For example, both of the top home improvement stores cannot hire kitchen design experts, cannot view designs, see the kitchen in person, or take any measurements of the space. They cannot design or install kitchens that involve removing a load-bearing wall, although over 50% of all kitchen remodels include removing a wall. Ultimately, employees with limited knowledge must work around a host of rules that help the company avoid liabilities while trying to serve the customer.

This is because home centers are, and always have been, retail centers, not design centers. As a retail center, consumers can expect retail sales practices, such as disingenuous sales, that pressure customers to buy products before it is a sensible time to order. Prices, even sales prices, on the same line of products are generally not less than 5% of competitor prices. While home centers and showrooms have kitchen products, they cannot provide the same level of service or expertise. “In many ways, the hands of home center employees are tied. They are limited to recommending certain products and can not provide the guidance customers actually need,” Kitchens By Premier explains. 

Kitchen Remodeling is More Than Aesthetics

Home improvement stores rely on the customer’s excitement to sell products. Very often, aesthetic appeal drives the excitement at the moment, not practicality. Hence, it is vital to work with kitchen remodeling experts that can help advise regarding choices that impact the look and functionality of the space. 

Generally, it is best to place one-third of the weight on aesthetics and two-thirds on practicality. The kitchen, while the home's centerpiece, is a working room. If the kitchen is not practical, the aesthetics will soon be obscured by appliances and other items that do not have a proper storage place. 

Kitchen remodeling is more than replacing faucets and cabinets. Expert designers consider every aspect of design, from maximizing space and functionality to beauty, longevity, and durability. 

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Planning a kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking and one that deserves the thoughtful consideration of dedicated professionals. Locally owned and operated, Kitchen by Premier has over 35 years of dedicated experience serving clients' needs in Rochester and surrounding communities. For more information about its services, products, and showroom, the company can be reached at (585) 367-4191.

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